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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Shipments are made on a predetermined day and range of hours. Update from the previous day by SMS. Shipping costs are borne by the recipient. The minimum transport costs are 20 euros, they vary according to the area code and up to 1.5 cm3 loading volume. We inform you in advance - In small quantities or volume you do NOT benefit from the shipment, they usually fit in a car. 
All the furniture is delivered on the sidewalk assembled in a package.
Pick up from the store on dates and times after notification via email that will be notified to you. 
The products are available for collection upon order and payment to suppliers, not ready-made in the store's warehouse.

The prices are with VAT of cash to be picked up by your transport company from the store.

Deliveries outside Athens are made by different transport companies. If you have a partner or preference, we would prefer you to indicate it to us so that you have an opinion in advance about the policy and charges of the transport company.
The costs are borne by the recipient, depending on the volume / parcels, area, place and method of receipt - Based on experience we can give you an estimate of the charge, unfortunately not an exact charge - Only the shipping you will contact.

If you want us to deliver to the transport company of your choice then a lower charge is 5.00 euros up to 2 parcels as transport Athens (Egaleo-Votanikos-Renti). For anything else by arrangement.

If you have any questions or need clarification please contact us to help the smooth progress of your order.